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New World Celts – Sarasota is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, enjoyed and owned by the community in which it serves.

A myriad of sub-committees and Sarasota area residents help to shape the Celtic Heritage and the other activities, which define this organization. To provide opportunities for varied corporate partners and individuals, we have developed a comprehensive, yet flexible, sponsorship program. Consistent with this philosophy, promotional fees are established through research and diligence to reflect the cost of presenting diverse programming and services to its patrons.

New World Celts – Sarasota is committed to presenting the finest in Celtic culture, heritage, crafts and other activities to its patrons. By sponsoring a site, a stage, an event or activity at our Celtic Heritage events, our partners associate themselves with wholesome, family oriented activities, in celebration of the community. With an experienced cadre of dedicated volunteers, our operational goals focus on presenting our partners in a positive public manner. New World Celts – Sarasota is always available to assist its partners in the creation of promotional activities designed to enhance their sponsorship.

We are a 100% volunteer organization; every dollar made goes back into our mission, helping support the Celtic Heritage in the Greater Sarasota area. We are so proud and grateful for the many sponsors shown below. We could NOT do any of this without you! Thank you from all who benefit from events!

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